I started tattooing in 1994 in a small coastal town in California; Gold Coast Tattoo in Monterey was my home for 7 years. I earned my apprenticeship from Filthy Bill currently of Folsom Ink.  In 2002 I opened up Broken Art Tattoo which I relocated to Los Angeles in 2005.

I have developed a skill set over the years that is very broad. Never feeling complete or like I have arrived. I always want to keep pushing. Artistic unrest. The never ending pursuit of art. I like to work with the client to help them realize their vision through my design.  Inspired primarily by large bold subject matter that Is pulled from American traditional and Neo-Japanese sources. I like to juxtapose realistic elements off of simple tattoo graphics. Composition is key. Layout and balance used to compliment the body. Tattoo life has afforded me many different opportunities.  Studying architecture/design and music in college; I have been able to crossover into other mediums. I have done design work for many companies. Including skateboard companies, countless t-shirt designs, Ed Hardy, Del Taco… I have designed and built out tattoo shops, boutiques and salons (This or Die Salon in LA). I have most recently designed and built out a restaurant with my wife. We opened up in June of 2012 serving fresh organic Mexican cuisine. Mi Corazon Mexican Restaurant is located in the quiet foothills of Glendale's Kenneth Village.
Find us here: www.facebook.com/MiCorazonRestaurant

My original introduction to tattooing was through music. I received my first tattoo from a fresh-faced tattoo prodigy named Adam C. Roach. He and I hit it off and started playing music together. The friendship would eventually turn me into a college dropout turned tattoo artist.  There are in fact plenty of artist/musicians out there. Coincidentally a lot of musicians get tattoos. It seems like such a natural union to me.  Although Tattooing is my metier, It was music that bridged everything together for me.  From the first time I held my mothers guitar in my hands I was obsessed. I have played and sang in a number of bands.
Listen here: itunes.apple.com/us/album/blessed-unrest/id606710631
Watch here: http://youtu.be/BbfELUaHYMQ

I am thankful for the opportunity to tattoo and humbled by my clients trust in my judgment.  I only tattoo my own original artwork that is inspired by the wealth of ideas that my clients bring me. If you would like to get a tattoo from me please fill out the form and I will see if I am a good fit for you.
Jeremy Swan